Posted by: fergy1008 | April 11, 2011

Snagging a dam Pro Caliber style…

Yesterday Angela and I attended the Pro Caliber DamTour event in Longview, taking advantage of the chance to meet other DamTour riders and the opportunity for a guided ride to Swift Reservoir and a dam snag.

The day was good for a ride – the rain held off and the sun even peeked its head out a little. We left Tacoma about 9am, heading south to catch a Wing WA photo ( before going to Pro-Caliber. I-5 was decent but we exited just past Centralia in order to travel secondary roads as we prefer.  We traveled down Boistfort Rd through the town of Boistfort which is obviously the connection point to everywhere but don’t commit a crime here…they seem to take it serious.

enjoying the empty curving road and the farmlands views across which we caught glimpses of busy I-5. It was a wonderful contradiction. We continued down secondary roads until we were forced to abandon our route (see photo below)

and take I-5 the last 10 miles. We arrived at our destination of Woodland, WA and the Hulda Klager Lilac Gardens (




Though a banner across Main Street had proclaimed “Woodland in Bloom”and banners touted the Lilac Gardens and Tulip Festival, it seems Mother Nature is on her own schedule and there wasn’t much to see. But, if you read the history of this place, it was still a special place to visit. And when things are in full bloom it’s a measly $2 admission to see this wonderful historical location. We did a quick stroll then hopped back on the bike for the quick trip back north to Longview. Upon arrival at Pro-Caliber it was good to see all the oval DamTour stickers proudly displayed on bikes.

Angela and I enjoyed some food and conversation with our fellow DamTour riders, including Keith Spicer who had brought a book of his recent ride adventure from “Portland to Panama” (  It sounded like the event was a success – lots of people there and C said we had 10 new sign-ups. Time passed quickly and before we new it, it was time for our guided ride to the dam. Doug from Pro-Caliber led the way on a beautiful Kawasaki Versys and was followed by about 10 DamTour riders. I was hoping some of the Full Tilt Riders in attendance would come along on the ride so I could see them in action but I guess they had other plans, so maybe some other time. The ride to the dam was even better than we had anticipated. Doug planned a route which, in some areas, paralleled I-5 while still seeming miles away. The hour and a half ride was filled with pleasant country asphalt and some fun peg-scraping curves that left smiles on our faces for hours afterward. At the dam, we all took our placard pictures and even managed a group shot.

I met AGST and helped him find a nearby geo-cache. After about 15 minutes of talking and taking in the sights this wonderful dam provides,

it was time to head home. Having enjoyed the ride in so much, Angela & I decided to take the same route back all the way to Kalama where we stopped and ate,

then hopped on I-5 for the final miles home. On the drive home we reflected on the ride and how nice the day was. I don’t think the grins left our face all night. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the following people…

Pro-Caliber for your generous hospitality and support of us DamTour riders – it was a fun event.

“C” and Steve everything you do of us sometimes pain-in-the-ass Dam Tour riders is always appreciated. You guys do an amazing job!

Keith Spicer it was very nice to meet you and share a little of your adventure to Panama. The ride was definitely inspiring and helps Angela and I re-focus on our Key West quest.

AGST thanks for the path tags. They’re the first I have received and will appreciate them for years to come. And thank you for adding the extra geo-cache fun to an already great experience.

And last, but certainly not least, is thanks to Doug for the guided ride to a beautiful location that awarded riders with spectacular views and some incredible throttle-twisting and peg-scraping pavement. Angela and I already have that road in our schedules to visit again.

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