Welcome to Our Adventures

Welcome to our web site. We are the Ferguson’s. As you read through this blog you will soon find out who we are. Most of you know us as Steve or Angela, as family members, or as a friend, or maybe just someone you know. In this blog you’ll soon realize we have a passion for riding. I have ridden motorcycles since the tender age of 4 years old when my father put me on a green mini bike and showed me the throttle and brake. From that moment my destiny was forever forged on two wheels.

Throughout my life I have ridden just about every manufacturer imaginable. I even raced motocross for a local garage for a few years as an amateur. Motorcycles have always been a part of who I am and what makes me happy. I was lucky enough to marry a wonderful and beautiful woman who shares my passion of riding.  Although she does not ride herself (yet), together we share a passion only a handful of people will ever understand much less get to enjoy.

We live in the Northwest and sometimes finding a decent riding day can be challenging. But on any given weekend we can be found heading out of town to destinations waiting to be discovered. We sometimes get asked where do you ride to? “Anywhere” would be our response. Working for us is merely a means to an end. We work to enjoy our Gold Wing and the adventures it awards us. When we have bad days at work we remind ourselves of what might be waiting us in the upcoming weekend. Whether it is a chapter ride or merely a get-out-of-town destination. It doesn’t really matter; it’s just good to be riding. In the short 2 years of owning our bike we have traveled roads we would have never traveled otherwise.

Both Angela & I are fortunate enough to have jobs that award us a healthy amount of vacation time which will allow us to take plenty of rides to far off destinations. Some of those destinations may only take us a short distance from home. Yet others may find us hundreds if not thousands of miles away from our home. See that’s the beauty of our passion, you never know where we might end up.

We have found that after a good ride whether it be long or short we seem to be a little grumpy the next day. Not because we had a bad trip…hell even the worst day riding is better than any day at work, but because we miss being on the road. Our plan is to ride for many years to come. It is a passion and life choice for us.

So hopefully this blog will grow and grow with stories and adventures of far off destinations, and someday we can look back on all our adventures and maybe someone will ask why Steve and Angela are always smiling ? And those of you that know us or stumble across this blog of our stories and adventures will know the answer to that question.

I’ll leave you with this thought. Many people often mention how dangerous riding motorcycles can be. And yes to a fair amount I agree with them. Anything you do that takes you on the our nation’s roads and highways can be dangerous. You never know what awaits you around the next bend. But with experience and  good judgment hopefully I can keep my beautiful wife and I safe for many years to come.

I will leave to those of you reading this blog…should God call upon me or both of us while riding the Gold Wing know that we went to meet our maker with a smile on our face the wind in our faces and absolutely no regrets about our decision to ride. If that time comes raise a glass in celebration of our lives because as we all know “life is short”… but it also wide.

Angela & I are living wide…

“Riding is about the experience not the destination”

Live hard Ride Long


  1. Steve – Great article in the March Chapter V newsletter. Sorry it took me nearly the whole month to get around to reading it. Better late than never I always say. Glad you stepped up to this position. You’re doing a terrific job.

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