Posted by: fergy1008 | March 3, 2016

Glitchy DamTour Start

We received our placards today! If you’ve been paying attention you may be thinking “but the tour started on March 1st. How could you snag dams if your placard didn’t arrive until March 3rd?”  Hence the title of this post.  Passionate DamTourites were up in arms on Facebook when it was revealed that placards were being mailed on February 29th. This is contrary to promises/expectations and obviously impacted people’s plans. VERY glad we hadn’t made our own big plans to try for the first dam of the year!  Tankside (the new showrunners) wouldn’t allow people to make temporary placards in order to start the tour on time so everyone just had to sit and wait for the mail. Thus far I have a list of problems and concerns with how things are being managed, including huge problems with communication and info not being updated in a timely and fully apparent manner BUT we’re hopeful that now that we have our lists and our placards the rest of the process will go smoothly. Fingers are super duper double-crossed!

DamTour PlacardsDamTour Bonuses Poster

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