Posted by: fergy1008 | March 19, 2016

7 Bikes, 5 Brands, 3 Legs and 1 Good Day

Today was Green Freeze. (Just one ride in March instead of the traditional three rides – one each in January, February, and March.)

Friday was beautiful so when we woke up Saturday and it seemed like a decent enough day, we got ready and headed out to the bike. As we stood there putting on our helmets it began dripping rain.  We shrugged, I ran in to grab the bag of rain gear in case it got worse and off we went.

We arrived at Hinshaw’s, waving and greeting friends before we even parked.  We signed up, rolled our dice for the high/low game, then grabbed some coffee and donuts as we began catching up with other riders before perusing the latest bikes in the showroom.

We had expected a solitary ride but ended up leading 6 bikes along the route. Our group was very eclectic with a couple Wings, a Triumph, a BMW, Harley, Honda F3 and a Brutale.

The first leg led us along Green Valley Road, through Buckley and Orting, along Kapowsin and Ohop Lakes, and up into Enumclaw where we stopped at the Cottage Bakery for our first checkpoint. After a roll of the dice and some refreshments we headed out on the next leg of the event.

We took Hwy 7 for a ways before veering off to roll through Frederickson and Summit down to Puyallup and then along the tideflats and up to Federal Way where we ended at Jimmy Mac’s. We rolled the last set of dice, collected a door prize then split a delicious turkey ciabatta and chatted with neighboring tables.

Our route home took us by BMW where we checked out bikes, books and gear but managed not to buy anything.

Overall, a very pleasant day!

05 Photo Mar 19, 3 08 23 PM

(above: 3 of the bikes in our group; below: our route)

05 Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 8.27.14 AM

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