Posted by: fergy1008 | March 7, 2016

GLMC and Map Update 3

We received an email today with a list of the GLMC Grand Tour specific locations for this year’s tour. We’re lucky because WA and OR, our primary riding area, each have 10 designated locations.  Some states have as few as five.  And, even better, several of these locations are right in line with other tour locations we’re planning to visit!

I got right to work adding the WA and OR locations, plus a few in Idaho and one in California, to our 2016 ride map, seen below with the new content.

Purple – Steeple Chase              Green – Wing WA              Light Blue – Oregon Airport Tour
Yellow – Dam Tour                      Red – GLMC Americana Grand Tour
(Stars are locations we’ve already visited.)

ScreenHunter_71 Mar. 07 12.25(See Feb 21 and 24 posts for other tour info)
You can see tour map location details through this link:

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