Posted by: fergy1008 | December 15, 2012

BMR Once Again

Authored by: Wing Ferguson

Gather round, girls and boys, it is that time of year again and, no, I don’t mean Thanksgiving or Christmas.  I’m talking about the 2013 Big Money Rally, of course!  I thought I was going to have to wait until next year to have any fun but today, on the way to work, Steve told me they’ve signed us up for the 2013 Big Money Rally! And the “T5” practice session starts today!!!

We started this Rally last year but our little “slip” in early March stopped us from finishing. But this year, we’re going all the way!  This practice session, which only lasts until December 10, is just a kind of warm-up for Ange and Steve to get all the bugs worked out – like taking pictures and emailing them properly – before the actual rally takes place. Oh, by the way, Steve explained that’s how it works.  They get a list of “bonuses” – places or things in front of which they have to take their picture.  When we get to a location, Angela has to hold the placard that shows their team number while Steve takes a picture with his cell phone.  And guess what?  I HAVE to be in EVERY picture!! How awesome is that?!  Then, as soon as Steve takes the picture he has to email it to the rallymaster, making sure he names it just right so they know which bonus it is. Steve recently purchased a new smart phone, which should makes emailing the bonuses as they happen a snap.

Since this is just a test run, the five categories are really simple: there are 19 “Places With Wheels” worth two points each.  Locations like Ford, Honda or Les Schwab. Then there’s “Post Office Reprise”. Last year one of the categories was post offices and for the test section we get to revisit any of those from last year.  Before our slip last year we spent a beautiful day on the coast taking P.O. pics.  Anyway, those are worth 2 points each and there are TONS of them.

A fun category is “Is it Warm? Or Cold?”. For that one, Steve and Angela have to find one of those signs, like in front of banks, that displays the temperature.  The trick is, in order to get the 2 points, the temperature in each pic has to be different so they can’t just drive around one day and take a bunch of “35 degrees” pictures.

Another fun one is “Building Colors”.  These are worth 3 points and there are 13 different colors.  They have to try to find a building that is primarily that color and take MY picture in front of it.  Oh yeah, and Ange has to be in the pic, too.  Anyways, Steve said they’ve already scouted some locations and a winding trip through Tacoma is in my future.

And, last but not least, is the “Remembrance Theme” which has 7 items worth a whopping 10 points each!  The bonuses in this list are all fun little photos based on events and people from the 2012 event.  Like, in honor of last year’s banquet location, we have to take a picture in front of a casino. No problem around here!

The site says the real rally bonuses will not be anywhere near as easy so I think we are in for some interesting riding for this event.

So, that’s it.  It’ll be a little tricky getting the pictures since it gets dark so early these days, but, I’m hoping this weekend they’ll take me out and get this party started!

I’ll make sure they post some pics at the end of this entry, once we get going! 🙂

FOLLOW-UP: Below is a sampling of the pictures we took along the way. We only spent a total of about five hours collecting points.  It’s was fun trying to capture as many points as possible while staying in town. It sure cuts down on travel time between destinations but it also makes it a little more challenging… allowing us to explore our town, seeing it with new eyes as we seek out locations that might fit our requirements.  And I know when the real rally starts we will have just as much fun doing that one, as we did with the practice rally.

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