Posted by: fergy1008 | March 12, 2011

2 bonus…and 2 regular sites down with more to go.

With two bonus and two regular sites visited on our Wing Washington tour I thought I would use this page to document our progress along the way. Some sites we will visit in conjunction with other chapter rides or dam quests and others we will just venture out on our own and see where the road takes us. Either way it’s a reason to get out of Tacoma and ride. So this is where I will document our pictures and possibly a few good ride reports along the way. Here’s a collection of the places we have visited to date.

Lucky Star Chinese WW#1 Photo

Second WW place we visited

The Bio Diesel Plant in Grays Harbor WA.First bonus WW photo of the days ride.

Angela in front of the second WW bonus location of the day

Steve in front of the second WW bonus location of the day

And now a few bonus pictures. Can’t go to Ocean Shores and not get a shot of the ocean now can ya?

Ocean Shores in March

Well, that’s all as of this writing. I will post more as they happen and I get that oh so ever precious time! But I know I will look back on the years to come and remember these rides and the fun I had doing them. Happy Reading everyone.

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