Posted by: fergy1008 | September 25, 2011

Chapter V Progressive dinner 2011

Yesterday, while Angela attended her introductory motorcycle riding course, I joined our chapter for their annual progressive dinner ride. A chapter progressive dinner ride consists of three courses – appetizer, salads and entree (paid for by the chapter), and a dessert course. In between each course, we ride an hour or so to the next location. At the meeting earlier this month, members signed up to bring something for one of the courses. Then those members bring the item they signed up for along the ride until that course is served, kind of a moving potluck. The person volunteering to host a meal course is responsible for creating the ride route between courses. Basically, we meet, ride for an hour, eat all we can, get on our bikes and ride for another hour, eat, etc..

About 16 bikes met @ Hinshaw’s in Auburn, our standard meet location.

There were many questions as to Angela’s whereabouts and all were thrilled when I told them she was getting training for her motorcycle endorsement.  We left, almost on time, headed toward Bud’s house for appetizers.  As always with this group, I was led along roads I didn’t even know existed, in areas that I have visited many times before but always on main roads. It was a good ride and we arrived at Bud’s around 11:20. His home sits on about 5 acres of which only about ¾ of an acre are landscaped. The rest is left natural for his donkeys to reside. I couldn’t get a very good picture as they were all along a back fence but did confirm for myself that they exist. (Sometimes you hear tales with this group that you’re not quite sure you should believe.) I had signed up for the the first stop of the day, the appetizer course, and supplied my usually requested and time honored meatballs. They went fast and I know I added a few people to my list of fans. I’m quite sure I’ll be bringing them to more functions in the future. Next time I’ll add a little zest to them and spice things up a little.

Just as we were preparing to leave Bud’s, Angela called me saying she was done with her training so I let her know we were headed for Ron and Margaret’s in Ravensdale for the main course and salads. Knowing the main course might take a little longer, I figured maybe we could somehow cross paths and she could continue the ride with the group. Wanting to meet up with the group but not having a GPS or a smart phone, Angela went back to her roots and called family. Following her mom’s directions from Parkland to Covington, she then contacted Grandma who grew up in Ravensdale. With the final directions, she headed off and before she knew it drove right through Ravensdale (which basically consists of about 5 buildings). Luckily, there was a bike race occurring in the area and Angela stopped to ask a police officer if she was on the right route for Ravensdale – he told her “do you remember seeing a post office and a little convenience store a few miles back?” As she nodded, the police officer responded, “That was Ravensdale.” Backtracking, she pulled over at the little store and waited, figuring the group would likely travel through this “main” intersection. Sure enough, she soon saw the group of Wings, which she described as an impressive sight to see. She pulled out and held up traffic (to a little discontent from a few other drivers,) so all the bikes could make the turn together, then fell in behind and followed us the rest of the way. Once at Ron and Margret’s the main course was served along with many tasty side dishes.

While many of the group sat in the living room watching the Husky game, others mingled in the kitchen or sat out front enjoying the weather. We filled our bellies, met their horse and dog and, as a bonus, found someone to take our Wing Washington pictures to the banquet! (We’re planning on attending but will be arriving late due to DamTour awards being the same day – no way we’re missing out on collecting our DT trophy, but we also wanted to make sure to get our WingWA pics turned in for our earned raffle tickets.) About a hour and a half later we were saddled up and ready to go again, this time to Des Moines where Dick and Bonnie were hosting the dessert course. I was certainly happy to have my co-captain back with me for the final leg of the trip.

With Angela now riding along on the seat behind me, we headed to Dick and Bonnie’s.  Arriving an hour later, dessert and coffee was enjoyed by all the chapter members.

There were cake, pies, brownies and bacon brittle (provided by our president Vonda’s brother) along with various other yummy desserts. A little mascot, guarded closely by Margaret, even joined in with the festivities.

During the many conversations we found out that Dick and Bonnie have lived in their home for 43 years! A nice little place with an inviting green lawn in a quiet neighborhood, and plenty of room for us to spread out (both space-wise and belly-wise!) as we sampled all the goodies people had brought and engaged in plentiful conversation.

I suggested to Angela that maybe it’s time the chapter experienced our family’s tasty time honored dessert of Crud! YUMMY! After about an hour the chapter members were starting to disperse and, with a few miles yet to go, we left and drove back to get the truck which we had left at Ron and Margaret’s. Angela followed me home the whole way and both of us agreed it was a great time and we definitely plan on attending others in the future. The next Chapter V event is the Vampire Chili Bite and Blood Drive held at Hinshaw’s. That story to follow soon!


  1. You did an excellent job! I do believe the progressive ride is one of the best things a chapter can do. We are so glad you guys joined our group. Thanks

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