Posted by: fergy1008 | February 13, 2012

Let the egg stuffing begin

So you wake up on a lazy Sunday morning wondering what there is to do now that football is over. Well, if you’re members of Chapter V you go to Lattin’s family farm  (  and stuff eggs silly. And that’s exactly what Angela & I did yesterday. This was our first egg stuffing event and, being that we were pretty new to the chapter last year, all we knew about it was what was said at a chapter meeting last year. So, deciding to participate this year, we met about 12 other fellow chapter members at the 512 McDonald’s around 9am and had a little breakfast before heading out. As Angela & I were sitting eating our breakfast, we noticed the newly remodeled interior of this particular McDonald’s…the corporate trend seems to be going away from the childish Ronald McDonald décor to a higher end design with dark colors and clean lines. If it wasn’t for the play land or menu board you wouldn’t even recognize it as a McDonald’s. Whatever the reason, the décor was visually appealing and a nice change. Well, around 9:30 we all pulled out and headed south. Lattin’s was only about 25 minutes away so the ride was nice but short. Arriving just a short time later we went inside and the place was in full swing. There were about a dozen or so tables set up, and they were all nearly full.  We spotted a table that had a couple of open seats, asked the couple already there if we could join them and sat down to get to work.

The couple, Chapter Q members from Centralia, were already stuffing plastic eggs and gave us the low down on what needed to be done. Basically the eggs are stuffed with candy that’s donated by various agencies and the protocol is to place 2 pieces of candy in each egg for hiding for Lattin’s big annual Easter egg hunt.


Talking to one of our table mates I discovered that the woman also worked for the VA, so that made for an easy ice breaker and from there it was just basic table talk and egg stuffing. Now I must admit there were times when we placed more than 2 pieces of candy in an egg but, hey, that’s the rebel in us I suppose. Shortly after we arrived, Lattin’s supplied us with their famous apple fritters and hot apple cider. Both were tasty and appreciated. A few more hours of stuffing and we were treated again with hot chicken and rice soup along with hot dogs, a favorite of mine at any event.  Around 1pm our table decided to finish stuffing the remainder of our box of empty eggs then call it a day.

It seemed to be a good time since most other tables were doing the same. Before leaving I bought some homemade banana bread and white chocolate pretzels for home. For the ride home we decided to stay off I-5 as much as possible so we rode old Hwy99 into Tumwater, then proceeded to the old Yelm highway to take the back roads home. It was still a fairly nice day out for February and with our Gerbing’s turned on we passed the miles chatting away and listening to disco music. After we arrived home it was getting a few things squared away, a little relaxing and then, later in the evening, a little Mario Kart racing. All in all it was a really good day and I couldn’t tell you how many eggs were stuffed this day but last year they estimated over 45,000 eggs were stuffed and hidden on the Lattin’s 20+ acres for kids to find and enjoy. Oh, and did I mention they do this free gratis for the children? So hats off to the Lattin’s family for keeping a small family business relevant in today’s times and giving back to the community. Well, until next year I think I’ll turn my attention elsewhere and not even think about plastic eggs for a while. Next up…Green Freeze II! So here a few more pictures of the days events.

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