Posted by: fergy1008 | January 15, 2012

Lots happening without even getting on the bike!

Last week Angela attended our chapters’ business meeting. These take place once a month and this is where details are put together with a small group so the overall plan can be presented for approval at the social meeting where more members are in attendance.  This last meeting was all about “Green Freeze”, a three-ride event spread over Jan/Feb/March which the chapter puts on.  One Saturday in each month, participants show up at Hinshaws in Auburn, receive the ride directions then follow those on an hour or so ride to the destination restaurant.  Once there they pull a poker chip with a number on it, the number is recorded and then they can stay to eat and socialize or head on home.  This is repeated in Feb and March.  The March ride ends at the banquet location where the numbers from each ride are tallied and prizes are awarded.  There’s also lots of door prizes.  The first ride is next Saturday and will be our first organized event of the year!

Speaking of events, we’ve found a new one! The Big Money Rally.  We have no idea why it’s called that as the only promised prize is a t-shirt but this one includes visiting sites nationwide.  We’ll stick to our local area but should still earn the 121 points necessary to “pass”.  Though it still results in the simple goal of taking a picture in front of something, this tour has lots of aspects to it.  First, this is a “winter” rally, running January 12th to May 12th.  Second, all the pictures are to be cell phone photos. And, then, there are the lists.  They call all locations “bonuses” and there will be three bonus lists.  The first is available now, the second will appear around April 1st and the third will be shared just 48 hours before the end of the event.

The first list has the categories of Non-riding,Theme, Event and Post Offices.  They breakdown like this:

Non-riding bonuses – 5pts for printing and laminating your own placard rather than having them provide one.

Theme Bonuses – Categories in categories! There are 4 themes the first 3 of which are: Summit/Elevation signs, National Park signs, and Shriner Hospitals. A picture of your placard in front of each designated location is worth 3 points. The last theme is Int’l Borders/Alaska.  Pictures of crossing an international border or into Alaska (if you don’t already live there) will earn you a whopping 15 points! We might pop up into Canada this year!

Event Bonuses – 5 points each for attending four selected rally events. Angela and I won’t be getting any of these as they’re not in any neighboring states.

Post Offices – 850 to be exact!  Worth 2 points each.

All this fun is wrapped up at Noon on Saturday May 12th.  There is a banquet in Nevada for those who can attend…and we just might!


We found this rally through our DamTour forum. So 2012 here we come whether we’re ready or not!



  1. Thanks so much for sharing info on the Big Money Rally. That event looks great! I’m definitely going to sign up.

    You guys are the best, looking forward to meeting you in person.

    John(in reno)

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