Posted by: fergy1008 | October 29, 2012

Chapter V Chili Bite 2012

Well, today is the Chapters annual Vampire Chili Bite. This is where members bring some form of chili or cornbread or dessert and the invitation is put out for other chapters, really for anyone, to come and participate. It’s not a fundraiser for us, just a social gathering, with one exception. The Cascade Regional bloodmobile is on site and riders are asked to either pre-register or donate on the spot blood donation. Hence “Vampire Chili Bite”. So, Angela and I are providing chili and her families famous “Crud”.

It’s a dump-style cake that is to die for. And if you eat too much of this tasty dessert over a lifetime your heart just might explode. Let’s just say the main ingredient is butter. We brought it to our first VCB, along with a pot of chili, last year and it was a hit with the riders. So hopefully this year will be the same. I’m giving blood at 11:30 so it’s shaping up to be a pretty good start to the weekend so far.

Well, we just got back from the VCB and I must say I’m glad we participate. I’m also glad to see the weather at least cooperated this year by not raining on us. At first only chapter members and staff from Hinshaw’s seemed to be enjoying the goodies provided by the chapter members.

There seemed to be plenty of food to go around. Lots of different types of chili, a number of different corn breads and what seemed to be plenty of dessert.Well….one dessert was snatched up fairly quickly and that was our CRUD! Seems some folks from last year remember how tasty it was and didn’t want to miss the opportunity to get some. I must say it went over like gangbusters. Margaret even hinted that possibly next year we might consider making a double batch.

And seeing how quickly the Crud was eaten I think we’ll definitely take her advice for next years event. As usual, there was lots of gabbing about various topics. Some of the topics were Wing Washington, RCMC Grand Tour, and of course our favorite DamTour.

With hot chili in hand and plenty of coffee to go around it seemed like everyone was enjoying the day. As the event progressed the number of people coming to the table seemed to increase, and by about 1 o’clock most of the chili was gone. I’m sure it will be noted for next year and then possibly a few more members could bring their recipes. It was suggested by Angela and I that maybe the chapter might think of some sort of banner or placard with a description of what’s going on. A few people walked by and seemed inquisitive but without much information being displayed it wasn’t really clear what was going on. If some of the public knew that it was for the bloodmobile we might get a few more donors.

Speaking of donors, it seemed like our chapter did pretty well in that department. I don’t have an exact number of pints donated but there were a steady stream of donors for several hours.

I even saw several Hinshaw employees donating as well. I usually fill my pint quickly and today was no exception. I even timed how long it took and again it was under 5 minutes.

After giving blood I wandered inside to warm up a bit and went up to the second floor to look at all the classic bikes. I love looking at the older bikes and remembering seeing them on the road. Hell, I might have even owned a few of them in my time. I also ran across an early Goldwing 1000 and it was that model that started me on my quest for a touring bike even though I was still in my late teens.

I just had to wait my time before it all fell into place. I remember seeing those old Goldwings with their Vetter fairings and saddlebags and saying to myself “one day I’ll travel across the states on one of those”. Yes, the Goldwing has changed over the years, but my love for them has not.

The day wound to an end for us, and shortly after 1 pm we decided it was time to head home and continue with our day. We were happy we attended the 2012 Vampire Chili Bite and even took the chance to sign up for next years Green Freeze. Chapter V is a great group of people and I’m very glad we decided to become part of them. Next up is the Christmas party! 🙂



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