Posted by: fergy1008 | November 11, 2012

What a great day for a parade

(Just for a different twist – written from a 2008 Gold Wing’s Perspective)

I know something is up, I just know it! Otherwise, why would Steve be polishing me at 8 in the evening? I haven’t heard of any long trips coming up and I was promised new tires and a tune up before next season. What could be going on? Guess maybe I’ll see tomorrow.

Oh, boy! Steve is taking me out of the garage! Brrrrr….it’s a little frigid out here this morning. 35 degrees!  Well, it’s not the coldest weather we’ve ridden in, Steve and Angela seem to be bundled up pretty good, and it looks like a clear day so I’m okay with it. Plus, they’re saying it’s supposed to warm up.

What’s that I hear? A parade! Really? A parade? Oh boy, I wonder if other motorcycles will be there? Is it far away? I’m not loaded with gear so I don’t think so. Boy, I can hardly contain myself! Oh! Steve’s putting an address in the GPS….wait for it….Auburn? Just Auburn? Oh well, a ride is a ride. Better get my grip and seat heaters going, don’t want them losing concentration on the road by being cold. Here we go! Awww…that’s so sweet!  Angela is saying how happy she is to be back on me.  Steve and I have gotten to go to work a couple times, but it has been awhile since we were all three together.

I’m glad traffic is light this time of morning. Steve and Angela seem to be in a good mood. Boy, they are Chatty Cathy’s this morning, I tell ya. And I am running nice and smooth, purrin’ like a kitten. Well, that was a short trip, we’re already stopping. Hey…this doesn’t look like a parade to me. A senior center? But there are other bikes here so I guess this is where I’m supposed to be. Some of the other bikes are sure dressed up. Lots of flags and, boy, are they shiny, too! Steve’s tucking me in between a few other Wings…maybe they’ll know what’s going on. 

Whew…just found out this is only a pit stop before going to the parade. Seems it’s something called a pancake breakfast? The people seem to be happy so I guess a pancake breakfast is a good thing. Oh! I see green! Yay, they are from our chapter! I’m getting excited, this should be fun.

Wow, here come Steve and Angela already. That didn’t seem too long. They are smiling and seem happy, so whatever was inside must have been good. It’s getting close to going, I can tell, because everyone is putting on their riding gear. I was right! Here we go. What? Stopping again, already? It seemed like it was just around the corner. Ah – this is our staging area for our turn in the parade. Boy, oh boy, look at all the bikes already here. I see Bud! Looks like we’re going to park by him and some other chapter members. I hear the parade won’t start for a while so I guess it’s wait time.

While Steve and Angela are milling about talking to others, more bikes arrived! I see lots of chapter members, that makes me happy. From where I am, I can see that a lot of other type of vehicles are here, some seem familiar to me others look kinda strange. Angela’s taken the camera and walked off to take some pictures, while Steve polishes me a little more. Don’t know why, I’m not dirty. But others seem to be doing the same thing so I’ll just sit here and enjoy the attention.

Hey! Judy gave Angela some flags for me. Now I can look even better.

Oh!!!! I know what’s going on. We’re going to be in a Veterans Day Parade! Bud’s bike told me what to expect. Man, am I ever excited! The parade starts at 11, and I must say it’s a very bright and sunny day for one. Wait, what’s going on now? Everyone’s making a big circle around Bud. Oh, it’s just a safety briefing, and, of course, Bud is telling a few of his stories. I never get tired of those, I tell ya.

Okay, Angela and Steve are gearing up…climbing on… OH BOY! Here we go! Steve tuned my radio to 104.5, just like everyone else, so when we go down the parade route everyone can hear our music. That should be really neat.

Oh my….there’s a ton of people out here! More that I can count.

Everyone is waving and cheering. I even see quite a few people saluting us. Wow, Bud seems pretty popular. People keep coming off the curb to talk to him.

It doesn’t matter because we are going very sloooow. That’s okay with me, I really like seeing the people and seeing them smile at us. We all sound great! I’m glad someone thought of playing our stereos.

We seem to be getting closer to the main part of the parade route. There are even more people on the sidewalks!

I’m having a great time and all the other Wings and their owners seem to be having a good time, as well. I’m sure glad the sun came out. Ha! Look at that kid, he couldn’t care less if he was here or not, he looks irritated at being so cold.

OMG! Look at that – isn’t that adorable…a dog with a coat and goggles. That is so cute I hope Angela gets a picture of that.

It looks like we’re coming to the end of the parade route.  Holy cow, I can’t believe it! Born in the USA just came on the radio! How ironic. We couldn’t have planned that if we tried. Well, here’s the last turn…I think they’re going to take off the decorations now.

When everyone is done, Bud is going to lead the group to Mt. Tahoma National Cemetery so the group can ride through and pay their respects. I wish we could do that but Steve has to work. Well, all the flags are off so I guess it’s time to go.

OH, NO! What’s going on? Why am I not starting? Why won’t I turn over? Oh crap, is my battery going bad? Or my alternator? I hate to disappoint Angela and Steve.  Hopefully, Steve will know what to do. Oh yay, it’s the Chapter to the rescue!  Steve asked if anyone had jumper cables and, of course, someone did. Neat’o, here comes Jennifer with her bike. It sure is a pretty color.

Okay, here we go. Wait for it…..Steve’s trying to start me now…OH YES! It worked! I feel better already. I seem to be running good now. Looks like I’m going to be okay till we get home and Steve can see what’s going on. He’ll fix me…he always does. Well, there go all the other bikes…bye guys, wish we could be with you. Maybe next year.

Well, it looks like we’re headed up Hwy 18…yep, sure enough, going home. Whew! We made it home with no problems. I seem to be running fine now but Steve says he’s going to keep me hooked up to the trickle charger for awhile. I overheard him say he’ll order a new battery soon and do a little rewiring to get the load off my already old battery. I’m tucked away nicely now in the garage. I heard Ange and Steve saying what a great time they had and that they can’t wait to do it again sometime. I sure enjoyed seeing all the other bikes and all the happy people. It seems to have been a huge success all the way around. I know the parade was for a good cause and I know my owners are happy and proud to live in a country where they have the opportunity to ride between state borders without having to show passports, or travel papers or anything of that sort, just to see this beautiful country.

It’s time to cool down now and enjoy the tingle the trickle charger is giving me. I’ll just dream of upcoming adventures to faraway places.  I think I’ll just rest up now until those garage doors open again. I sure like my life, I hope my owners feel the same way…I’m almost positive they do. 

Goodbye for now, other riders, but you just wait…there are going to be plenty of stories from me next year! So stay tuned.

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