Posted by: fergy1008 | September 29, 2013

2013 Rolling Food Fest with Chapter

written by: Angela Ferguson

Yesterday was the Chapters annual Rolling Food Fest (aka a progressive dinner).  At a prior chapter meeting, members volunteer to host different sections of the meal, including planning an hour or so ride to their home.  The group meets at Hinshaws, then takes about an hour ride to the first house for appetizers.  We spend about an hour there, then take the ride to the next house where the main course and side dishes are available.  After another hour or so of visiting we head out for the last ride to the final house of the day where we overindulge in the dessert portion of the meal.

Since warnings of terrible weather for the weekend had started on Thursday, with chances of record rainfall, we’d decided to plan to participate but see how things went.  Whenever the chapter hosts an event, they always say you can ride in a car if you want but for Steve and I, riding the bike is what it’s about.  When Saturday morning dawned with a bright, if cloudy, sky and just a sprinkling of rain falling, we decided we would go.

We put on full gear including, our rain suits in anticipation of the weather degrading, loaded into the trunk the plate of ham wraps Steve had made the night before and headed out.  We knew several people might choose to drive their cars instead of ride but we were shocked when we pulled up and there wasn’t a single other motorcycle in the parking lot.  In fact, we didn’t see anybody and for a moment I feared we had the wrong day.  But then Joanie waved to us from her car and as we stood chatting several others started to roll in – all on 4 wheels. We knew we would likely be in the minority but still…no one?!  Then Paul rode in and we had a fellow rider!  The group chatted for awhile and it was decided instead of taking the planned scenic route, we would do a straight shot to Terry and Lorine’s for appetizers.

IMG_0443 IMG_0440

Terry called ahead and had his daughter move her car so we and Paul could park our bikes undercover. We took off our dripping raingear in the garage, hung it from a beam to dry and headed into the house for the first round of food. Everyone spread out around the house and chatted and ate.  When everyone was starting to move to head out on the next leg, this time taking the scenic route, Paul and Steve had a chat and decided on a new plan.

While Steve had felt it safe enough earlier in the day, the way the weather was now turning, it was decided that we would follow Paul to his house nearby, park the bikes and pick up the next route in his car.  Paul and Carol were hosting the last portion of the ride so it would be easy to take off from there when the event was over.  So off to Paul’s we went where we once again stripped off dripping raingear and hung it in the garage.  We put the cover on our bike and piled into the car.  Steve got a taste of what it was like to be co-pilot as he provided Paul with the route’s driving instructions.  At first I was fairly disappointed that it was decided we would stop riding the bike but, as we drove up 99 with rain pouring so hard the wipers on high didn’t help and you could barely see the car ahead between the rain and the spray, I knew the safer choice had been made.  This was further proven when we had to drive through small, muddy water ponds that had formed at several intersections when the rain off the hills overwhelmed the gutters and blocked drains left the water with nowhere to go.  Had the sun been shining it would have been a lovely ride!

We arrived at Bonnie and Dick’s shortly after the others but just as they were unwrapping the chicken so it was perfect timing!  More eating and chatting then off on the last leg to Paul and Carol’s for dessert.



IMG_0450  IMG_0448Danny’s variety plate:



Everyone spent the most time here, lingering over coffee and a great variety of desserts, including Legendary Donuts, cookies, pie, and some tasty raspberry bars. And Carol made me my first ever gin and tonic. Did I mention that besides coffee they had a nice little bar selection with Gin and some fireball whiskey which a number of people enjoyed?  Carol also got the opportunity to show off her new motorcycle.


And Paul got to show off his toys –


This stop was a great ending to a fun day and we’re glad we went.  We were just talking about heading home when the worst weather of the day hit with pouring down rain joined now by whipping wind.  So we settled in for a bit longer and by the time we left the rain had let up and the sky had lightened and we had a decent ride home.

We spread out our gear to dry, put on a pot of coffee and spent the rest of the evening relaxing. All in all it was a great way to spend a day and look forward to many more events with some great chapter members.


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