Posted by: fergy1008 | December 31, 2013

Reflecting Back

written by: Angela Ferguson

Happy New Year’s Eve!  Well, there’s another year of riding gone.  Not our strongest ever but thoroughly enjoyable.  We tried a couple new tours, with varying levels of success. We were finishers in the new-to-us Steeple Chase and GLMC Grand Tour, got a decent amount of Smokechasing sites but not enough to “finish” and didn’t get even one of the Oregon Airport Tour locations.  Due to my poorly-timed March foot surgery, we missed the RCMC’s 250 and 500 events which really put a dent in our hitting Oregon locations.  We did manage to once again complete their GT (making a last minute 804 mile trip to do so! but were unable to attend the banquet.  We missed our own Chapters Green Freeze I because I was siiiccckkkk, but got to ride Green Freeze II.  For part III we were in charge of decorations so, instead of riding, we made the banquet place look pur-dy.  We also missed out on the Lime Run and Steve had to go it alone at the Orting Soldiers Home Cemetery Cleanup because of my foot.  We did get to participate in the Western States 1000 (I HATE IT when we have to go through Riley!  I don’t mind the “town” itself but the roads in and out are booorrrriiiinnnggg). But, while we had signed up for both the GWTA-WA State Rally and Gold Rush, the National Rally, (even buying special t-shirts for the events) we didn’t make it to either due to not wanting to leave the dog that long.  There was an Unofficial DamTour but, quite frankly, our hearts weren’t in it and we only got one dam.  There was no repeat of the Riddle Ride from 2012 which was sad but we did, however, for the very first time, get to participate in the Run for the Dogs and had a really great time! We also managed to, once again, finish WingWA but, once again, did NOT finish BMR (what is it with us and this event?!).

Though our riding was waylaid a bit by foot surgery for me, lots of OT and a new passion for golf on Steve’s side, and an aging/ailing puppy at home, we are fully optimistic – and more realistic! – about 2014!

Tonight, to usher out 2013 and prepare for future riding adventures we are:

Food and Change1) Making a mad dash to the post office to mail our Steeple Chase photos. (nothing like waiting until the last minute, huh?!)

2) Counting the change we’ve saved all year long to add to our “Florida Dream Trip” fund

3) Preparing our Wing Washington sign up forms.  We usually do this at the banquet in October but somehow missed it this year.

Happy New Year to you and yours!

The Fergusons

ps – the final count was $400.50!!!
Change sorted

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