Posted by: fergy1008 | January 5, 2014

First Chapter Meeting of 2014

written by: Angela Ferguson

Today was the first Chapter meeting of the year and it was very busy!  Due to limited kitchen staff, we met at  Trotters restaurant in Auburn instead of the Eagle’s.  Steve and I like the restaurant better than the new/old location of the Auburn Eagles but it’s a really tight fit for us and would be impossible if many more members showed up. Nobody rode their bike this morning because it was icy (we’ve learned our lesson on that front!

The meeting was full of information, what with it being the first one of the year with new ride cards and Friendship books, guests to talk about their events and info on some of the new and traditional events our chapter is hosting.  It was also a busy meeting for us personally.

Steve is taking over as Safety Coordinator for the chapter and had a brief meeting with the outgoing coordinator who provided a binder full of material.  Steve will need to provide an article on safety each month for the chapter’s eNewsletter.  While he was doing that, I was speaking with Jerry, the visiting Wing WA coordinator from Chapter C, who gave me copies of the Wing WA destination maps when I told him I’d just mailed in our check.  (I’ve already started to add the locations to our Google map!) (btw – did I mention this year’s category of Coffee Makers was my idea!).

After the meeting I spoke with one of our other newer members, reviewing a New Member Guidebook we’ve been developing.  So many of the chapter has been around for so long, they often talk about things without really explaining what it is – they don’t need to, everyone already knows!  But when you’re new, it’s incredibly confusing to have someone say “The Double-X event is moving to May this year. We’ll meet at 9 at the 405 McDonalds and have lunch at the usual place”.  Uh, what? I have raised my hand to ask “what is that” so many times over our couple of years with the group that our President, after discussing something, will look at me and say “Any questions?”.  🙂

We (meaning Steve) also agreed to map out a day ride for the chapter to go on during this year’s Fall Get-Away in Leavenworth.  Luckily, it’s not until September so we have lots of time to work something out.

It was a fun meeting – a lot of input,  info and noise – but we love it!

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