Posted by: fergy1008 | January 14, 2014

Steeple Chase!

written by: Angela Ferguson

Last weekend was the Steeple Chase banquet, our first.  They held it in a good location – a church in Puyallup with plenty of parking and a large banquet space – and they had tons of prizes.  Upon arrival we were checked in, received our raffle tickets and were able to pick up the pictures we had submitted.  We then each got to chose something from their door prize table and I also got to select a variety of Mary Kay products from someone who was getting rid of her inventory. I got a little makeup bag, a lipstick, eye shadow and travel size lotion… and we hadn’t even sat down yet!

After collecting our prizes, we wandered about a bit and met Randy who manages the Steeple Chase tour and told him how much we enjoyed it.  We also chatted a bit with Jerry who runs the Wing Washington tour.  While mingling, they had servers passing punch which turned out to be delicious.  Throughout the course of the evening I had 3 cups of it and asked for the recipe before we left!

When we finally sat down, the tables were already set with salads at each place setting and a bowl of rolls to share, as well as little candy bars strewn around the centerpiece.  When you signed up for the banquet you designated which meal you wanted, Chicken or Prime Rib – we had ordered one of each and both were delicious.  The glazed cooked carrots and seasoned green bean sides were served family style in large dishes to pass around the table.  Live music, courtesy of a singer with a guitar, was provided throughout dinner and as we finished dinner, servers came around and cleared our plates – we felt very doted on throughout the evening!

After dinner, they began giving away the prizes. We had 22 tickets thanks to our 11 photos each and, though we had to leave early to get home to Rock (we hadn’t realized the extended time of the banquet or we would have fed him before we left), we still walked away with a helmet, a battery-operated candle, and a few other items.  They still had quite a bit to go through so we passed our tickets on to Jerry and headed home – but not before turning in our registration for 2014 and receiving our ride packets!

We actually weren’t sure of when or where the banquet was because our registration form had said “to be determined” and, since I mailed in the contact info with our pictures, I had no way to find out! I never thought to check email, where I later found all the necessary information but, luckily, Randy gave us a call a few days before to see if we wanted to come.  We’re glad he did!  It was a fun evening and we look forward to both the ride and banquet next year!

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