Posted by: fergy1008 | February 21, 2016

Initial 2016 Ride Map

For those new to our blog or who need a refresher, each year we sign up for a variety of self-guided photo tours for motorcycles. These tours have various begin and end dates, require the motorcycle (or a good portion of it) be in the photo, and usually have a placard (small sign with a number on it) which is required to be in the photo, as well. After registering, you are provided with a list of destinations, often themed, which you then choose when to visit (within the tour dates) and what roads you use to get there.  Most of the tours require a certain number of “points” to be considered a “finisher”. Points are typically 1 point per photo. Being a finisher is mostly a point of pride but can also lead to t-shirts, tickets for raffles and/or entry for special prizes.

Here is the first view of our ride map for 2016.
Purple – Steeple Chase
Green – Wing WA
Light Blue – Oregon Airport Tour
Yellow – Dam Tour

ScreenHunter_03 Feb. 21 10.53

Steeple Chase – This is our 4th year participating in this self-guided photo tour of churches located throughout Washington.  We really enjoy this one as it can get you to quiet locations out on country roads away from any hustle and bustle of city life.

Wing WA – I think this is our 6th year with this tour. In 2015 they changed things up a bit with this one.  It used to be the state was divided into 5 regions and each region had a location from 6 themed categories. Now there are 50 random locations scattered across the state and you need to visit 30 to “finish”.

Oregon Airport Tour – I believe this is our 3rd year of this self-guided tour of Oregon state airports.  This is the only tour event we’re doing that requires you visit all the locations to officially finish.

DamTour – It’s officially back! We were devastated when the organizers of this tour shut it down in 2013. It was the first tour we signed up for after getting our bike and we had had great fun participating.  A group kept it going “unofficially” through Facebook for a couple years but last summer it was announced to be coming back for real. The previous owner of the tour found someone to take over – the publisher of Tankside, a monthly motorcycle magazine. From what we’ve been told Steve and Cheryll, who so successfully executed DT in the past, will be working closely with Tankside to transition the event. Tour starts March 1st (we will not be trying for first dam snag this year) so hopefully our placards arrive soon!

You can see tour map location details through this link:

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