Posted by: fergy1008 | December 31, 2011

Last Ride of the Year

Yesterday Steve and I went to the bank then breakfast.  When we were finished eating, we stopped by Home Depot, the hobby shop, did a quick family visit in Spanaway then returned to Tacoma for a stop at the pet store before getting gas.  Usually we would be dragging tail from running all these errands but because we were on the bike I was actually trying to think if somewhere else we might need to stop!  Anytime on the bike always seems better than in the car!  Well, there’s been a few wet days we may not have felt like that but it’s true for the most part 🙂  It was an enjoyable ride out and about and a good end to the riding year.

Later we walked the dog and, upon returning home, checked the mail to find a New Years Eve gift…our Wing Washington packet!  We had pre-registered and totally forgotten that this event begins on January 1st.  I immediately began looking up the 12 locations in the bonus section titled “Interesting, Creative Lodging” considering some of the interesting and creative lodging we’ve experienced ourselves this past year! However, one of them we’re really looking forward to visiting…Sun Mountain Lodge in Winthrop where we spent a couple of nights for our anniversary in ’08.

Other categories this year include:
Presidents – Towns named after Presidents
Boy’s Town Name – Towns with a Boy’s name
Girl’s Town Name – Towns with a Girl’s name
Steeple Chase (Joint promotion with Destiny Riders, CMA) – beautiful churches
$100 Hamburgers – Airport restaurants

We can’t wait to get started!

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